Friday, October 5, 2018

What's it like to go to a Makelight Photography Workshop?

One of the people I love to follow online is Emily Quinton from Makelight. She takes the most beautifully styled photographs, so I was very excited to spend a day doing a photography workshop at her home last month. I’d previously enrolled onto her ‘Joy of Summer’ course and felt that it helped me make the most of the summer months.

Emily (who despite having broken her hand still went ahead with the workshop!) was helped on the day by Bethie Hungerford and there were eight in the workshop group. We were welcomed with tea and coffee, and sitting around Emily’s large kitchen table, introduced ourselves. Emily started by talking about her work as a photographer, moving on to talk about how to best use the camera on your phone. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and I felt comfortable asking even the most basic questions. Using backgrounds and editing apps, finding the best light and making test shots were some of the topics covered.

Using a roll-up background
We then spent some time taking photographs in the kitchen and in the garden. (I need to point out that this is no ordinary kitchen. It is a huge, light filled room, full of beautiful photogenic props, flowers and books)

Homemade bread

Frittata and flowers

Lentil Salad

Yummy fruit crumble

Lunch had been cooked by the very talented Bethie and despite the broken hand, Emily showed us how she would go about styling a table for photographs, so there was more opportunity for pictures. The food tasted as delicious as it looked, with something for all tastes and dietary requirements.

In the afternoon we moved on to using a ‘proper’ camera, something I hadn’t done for a while. I’d borrowed one for the day and my unfamiliarity with it was a bit of a problem, especially when the battery ran out very quickly. Still, sometimes it is when things go wrong that you learn the most, so I learnt quite a lot even though I didn’t have much to show in the way of photographic results!

I paid £95 for the workshop in the Makelight sale and thought it was good value for money. Emily runs online workshops and courses, is on Instagram @emilyquinton and you can find out more at

Bethie Hungerford is an amazing cook, on Instagram @hungermama and blogs at

Empty cups at the end of the day
*All the photographs here were taken on the day with my rather ancient Windows Phone.