Saturday, October 12, 2013

Car Booty

A car boot sale with a difference today on the Southbank in London – all the vehicles were pre-1989 Classic cars.  The first one I drew, as I later found out from the owner, was a Volvo Amazon from 1970.  I added watercolour at home and probably not done justice to it’s lovely colour as I think it was more blue – should have made better colour notes.  I was surprised when the owner also told me that he used it a lot, even to pull his caravan!  I had visions of all these beautiful old cars being carefully preserved in the garages of their proud owners.  The event was organised by Vintage, the brainchild of Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway and you can find out more about future events at


  1. Wow Lis that is fantastic. I spoke to you when you had started the sketch but you had gone when I returned to get your contact details so I was delighted when this appeared on facebook. I am the Volvo Amazon owner, and you have included my grandson in the orange beany hat and me in the blue jumper with the black bag. As you say, the car is more blue in colour but that doesn't matter at all.

    1. Lovely to meet you and your grandson on Saturday, Brian. Hope you had a good day at the event and thanks again for letting me draw your car.

  2. Now my daughter has bought me a print of this as a birthday present. But because Lis was not happy with the colour of the car, she re-coloured it, got it printed and framed all within one week. It is not often that you find service deserving of so much praise.