Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ground Breaking

The people behind ‘The Edible Bus Stop’ project and the ‘Crystal Palace Transition Town’ group embarked on a new urban garden today in a plot adjacent to the Crystal Palace Bus Station in South London. The design, based on a triangular pattern, was marked out and a team of locals got to work with the hard work of digging.  

Manure from the farm in the nearby park was loaded up in wheelbarrows ready to add to enrich the soil.  The plan is to cover the area in membrane over the winter months ready for planting in the spring.  Fruit trees and bushes, hardy herbs and vegetables will fill the area by the summer.  


  1. Thanks Lis ! This is a great record of the day - love your work ! I've posted the link to this website on a local facebook forum and its got a lot of good comments and likes ! Best wishes Joe Duggan Crystal Palace Transition Town