Thursday, January 30, 2014

London Urban Sketchers exhibit at Timberyard Covent Garden

A short video taken last night at the Private View of the exhibition by London Urban Sketchers in Covent Garden.  I made it on my 'phone so the quality isn't brilliant but hopefully it gives an idea of the venue and a glimpse of some of the work.  The artists exhibiting are;

Adebanji Alade
Nathan Brenville
Olha Pryymak
Evelyn Rowland
and me! 


  1. And a wonderful evening was had by all! Your work is stunning Lis-so vibrant and observant. You see all the things most of us miss! Fantastic to see the world through your eyes…keep it up-your daily sketch is rapidly becoming the highlight of my day! x

    1. Thanks Janey - it was so lovely for so many people to come along on what was such a miserable night. You are so encouraging! I am looking forward to coming along and drawing you when you do your book signings...