Sunday, August 7, 2016

USK Manchester 2016 - Workshop with Lapin

My last workshop at the Manchester Symposium was with Lapin and Gerald Michel, with the subject, Cars in the City.
First exercise involved doing a quick, three quarter view of the car, using a box shape to help. 

Then a quick sketch from the rear headlight to start to get the idea of the 'fish-eye' drawing.

I spent about an hour drawing the more detailed 'fish-eye' version at the top of the blog post.  Lapin stressed that it was good to start with the headlight, which should take up about a third of the width of the paper.  All the measuring is done from this point.  He asked us to look out for our reflections in the chrome and glass as we drew. 

The final exercise was drawing cars in the environment, remembering that if they were driven away, to just continue with what was behind them.

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