Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Recording the People's Vote March 2019

On Saturday, a march was organised in London to ask the government for a ‘People’s Vote’ as part of the final decision over the United Kingdom exiting the European Union. As an individual I feel quite powerless about the whole situation, so I did what I am able to do and went to record the day in drawings. Here are some of the spreads plus a video showing a better look at the accordion sketchbook which I used.

I stood near Hyde Park Corner concentrating on drawing the crowds and their banners as they streamed by for at least an hour or so, later joining the marchers as they weaved their way through the London streets to Parliament Square. I was right at the back and by the time we arrived it was almost 6 o’clock, as there were so many people involved. Estimates say there were over one million and it seemed to be very peaceful and at times had an almost festival atmosphere.

The accordion sketchbook was made with two sheets of A2 cartridge paper, partially painted with acrylic ink in blue and yellow which I thought would be appropriate for the day, similar to the one that I made in this blogpost. The soundtrack on the video was recorded on the day on my phone.

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