Thursday, November 21, 2013

Speedy sketching at the 1230 TWC Christmas Meeting

I was invited yesterday to sketch at the ‘1230 The Women’s Company’ Christmas meeting in Henry’s Bar in Bromley.  Set up by Jackie Groundsell in 2002, it’s a lunchtime networking group aimed at busy businesswomen.  I’m always looking for new people and places to draw so it seemed a great opportunity and I offered to do ‘speedy sketches’- 2 minute line drawings (I added some wash at home later) and in return I would post them on my blog with details about each of the businesses. 

You can find out more about Jackie and the 1230TWC at

Denise from ‘Shopping Bag’

 Denise from ‘Damson Belle’, image consultants            

Lee from NYR Organic

           Annabel from ‘Irenicon’, specialists in employment law
Susan, Annabel’s colleague at ‘Irenicon’

Denise from ‘Expectancy’, complimentary therapies during pregnancy

 Jo, Denise’s colleague at ‘Shopping Bag’


Fiona from ‘Business Junction’, business networking

Nadine from ‘Crawford’s Bookkeeping and Accounts’

Charlie, from ‘Lottie Art’, who is currently developing a business idea.

Paola from ‘Inner Power’, specialising in hypnobirthing          

Nikki from ‘In Focus’, a training and coaching consultancy

Kim from ‘KRH Beauty’ 07956 834487 for appointments.

Jackie from ‘1230 TWC’

Trisha from ‘Tabbris’, holistic therapies

Abi from LUSH, fresh handmade cosmetics

Elinor, Abi’s colleague at Lush


  1. The world is filled with people to draw, amazingly enough. These are really fun, though, and it's cool how you included links to their different businesses. Looking at groups of people (mainly high school choirs), I have often thought how people look like they were drawn by different illustrators, but these, despite their vast differences in shapes and proportions, all look like they were drawn by the same illustrator.

    1. Thanks for the comments - have you drawn any of the high school choirs on your blog? Sounds like good subject material.

  2. What a lovely idea - really enjoyed meeting you - love the drawn 'me' and those of my friends and colleagues. You have a marvellous talent.