Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Royal Bell Hotel

Today I sketched the former Royal Bell Hotel in Bromley, which is currently the target of an enterprising initiative to bring a permanent Arts venue to the centre of the town.  The group who are behind the idea are called the ‘Bromley Arts and Community Initiative’ and they have just received funding from Bromley Council to progress with their plans.

This is what they say about their aims on their blog;

‘We are a Bromley based community group with two specific and related goals:
1) To procure the Royal Bell Hotel in Bromley as a focal point for social, recreational, cultural and educational interests including a community pub
2) To promote and encourage the work of Bromley based artists and creative organisations by enabling the delivery of imaginative, varied and engaging arts-based activities which benefits the whole community

Keep up with developments via the blog at or follow them on twitter @BromCommunity 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much - it is a lovely building to draw!

  2. Superb - interesting to see the before and after too.

    1. Thank you, Murray. Enjoying looking at all your boat drawings from the harbour.