Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sketching at London Fashion Week 2014

The courtyard of Somerset House has become the regular venue for London Fashion Week.  I’ve drawn there before and find it completely fascinating.  The courtyard area fills up with a host of fashionistas parading around whilst photographers clamour to take snaps of most outlandishly dressed. 

The Vivienne Westwood show
was due to take place at the
end of the afternoon so there
was a good turnout even
though the weather was chilly.  
It’s the place to see and be seen
 for designers and art students alike.
A lot of fun fur – on hats, wraps and coats.
Sunglasses and red lippy 
are always popular.

 You can find out more about the London Fashion Week 2014 at


  1. These are just totally fantastic Lis-so observant…I feel like I was there, love the characters you sketched x

    1. Thanks Janey - it's a great place to people watch!