Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Speedy sketches at the Beckenham Business Association Christmas meeting

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to draw some ‘speedy sketches’ at a networking event locally.  It seemed to go down well and nobody sued, so when the organiser Jackie Groundsell asked me back, this time for the Beckenham Business Association Christmas meeting, I said yes.  The venue was a restaurant called ‘Friends of Mine’ on the High Street and a variety of people to draw.  As before I offered to do a quick line drawing and post it on my blog with a link back to a business or organisation.  I added a wash layer later and, as before, some are better than others!
To find out more about the Beckenham Business Association visit
The 'Friends of Mine' website is at

Cliff from Beckenham Heritage Group

Marie and Marsha, HFL Project Managers working on ‘Beckenham Arts since 1880’

Stuart, the magician for the evening


Cheryl, Town Centre Manager

Liz from Beckenham College

Nick from Beckenham Dental Centre

Yemisi from Mayo Properties

Jane from Jane Rogers PR

Carol from CAWPR on twitter @CAWPR


 Maria from ‘abp Chartered Architects’
Debbie from Little Masters and Misses

Anita from Buzzbee Kids, selling new and pre-loved clothing and toys

 Julieanne from Papillon Angels
 Local councillor, Steve

Mark from Winkworth Estate Agents

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