Monday, April 1, 2019

(Really) Old Sketchbooks

Having a bit of a sort out at home and thought it might be interesting to post some images from old sketchbooks. I’ve always loved working in them and there is something about them that allows me to work freely, much more so than with a blank sheet of white paper.

The drawings below were made in a very large ‘Bushey’ sketchbook, 20 x 14 inches. The pages were made of a smooth thin cartridge paper which took coloured pencil really nicely. Drawn from magazine photographs when I was at art college. I’ve just had a look online and the company that made them doesn’t exist anymore. That’s how long ago it was!

Most of the work is from art college days, when I mixed drawings, illustrations and collage on the pages. It’s quite surprising how I drew so many people/characters then when nowadays I tend to stick to architecture. 

Brighton Station, drawn on location.

Many of images of people were drawn from my imagination, which is something I doubt that I could do anymore. Materials were a mixture of coloured pencil, inks and pastels.

I was always fascinated and inspired by London.