Monday, May 26, 2014

Plastic Free July

I was recently commissioned to do an illustration that could be tiled and used on a website supporting the ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign which originated in Australia.  The drawing was of a pile of plastic containers and wrappings that can easily be accumulated in most households.  I remembered there was a good technique for making a repeat using a simple grid system and found a tutorial which explained it nicely.

It was a little tricky making sure the watercolour washes matched up and I did spend a while at the end on Photoshop just tidying it up at the edges.  The screenshot gives an idea how it looks on screen and you can see it live at

I always try and recycle waste but not acquiring it in the first place seems quite a challenge.  If you would be interested in taking part, there are lots of tips on the main website here or on Twitter  

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