Thursday, April 14, 2016

Watercolour pencils

It was lovely to receive a complimentary parcel of goodies from Derwent Pencils recently!  The weather was so lovely yesterday that I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out some of the pencils by drawing some bluebells in my back garden.  

I started off drawing the bluebells with my usual materials to give me a benchmark.

 Then it was on to the first set of pencils, the 'Inktense 12'.  
(I used a Derwent waterbrush, which I already had, to 'mix' the colours)

I tried using the Inktense pencils combined with the 'Graphik Line Maker 0.8'.

Moving on to the 'Watercolour 12' set which has a different selection of colours.

Finally just with the Graphik Line Maker, a very thin one at 0.2.


Here's the double page spread in my sketchbook, which is a large Moleskine Watercolour one.

It was great try out some new materials and now that I have an idea of what can be achieved, I'm going to try the pencils out on location soon.

Thank you to Derwent for supplying the pencils.

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