Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I would never have thought when I first posted a drawing on my blog, 'Line and wash', that five years later it would still be going strong. The daily drawing habit which was the first year's target was achieved and then I just carried on!  Some days now I post photographs, work in progress or other arty news but the daily habit continues.  Seeing my blog more like an online sketchbook, it's been a great way to share my drawings with lots of people, which has led to being involved with groups like Urbansketchers.org, and the Big Draw, as well as exhibiting at a variety of venues both locally and in London.

Posting on a blog is a little like putting a message in a bottle and letting it drift off into the ocean.  You never really know if anyone is going to find and look at it, so it has been great to have visitors leave encouraging comments.  Thank you to anyone out there who has taken the time to do this - it's much appreciated.

I've spent quite a lot of time lately looking back, so here's to the future with lots more drawing!

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