Monday, December 24, 2018

London in sketches 2018

Chelsea School of Art, February 2018
London drawings from my sketchbooks which haven't appeared on my blog this year (although some have featured on Instagram and Twitter).
Leadenhall Market, March 2018

God's Own Junkyard, April 2018

Three Mills Island, May 2018

View across the Thames, June 2018

Flatiron Square, July 2018

The London Mastaba, Hyde Park, July 2018

Mercato Metropolitano, September 2018

Around the Russell Square area, September 2018

Cambridge Circus, October 2018
The view from Peter Jones cafe, October 2018
The Theatre Cafe, Vauxhall, October 2018
Peckham Levels, November 2018
Mercato Metropolitano, November 2018