Monday, July 8, 2019

All things Pinterest

I’m using the ‘Dream Plan Do’ planner again this year and my 90-day challenge in the second quarter of the year was to find out more about Pinterest and how I could use it to help me develop and market my illustration business. I’ve had a Pinterest account for ages but mainly used it as a visual scrapbook, collecting inspiration and reference images.

After spending time reading helpful articles and podcasts, I’ve had a big sort out of my boards, renaming them and focussing on the specific areas of illustration that I am interested in. I went through all the images (there were a lot!) and edited them down. I’ve started to add some of my own work to the relevant boards now too. Still a long way to go and lots more to learn, but it’s a start!

I’m listing below the people and places where I have found lots of useful information so far:

This ‘Simple and Season’ podcast from Kayte Ferris features tips from the team at Curly Carrot -

In this blog post from watercolour illustrator Ohn Mar Win, she talks about how she uses the platform to promote her work -

A clear and concise article about Pinterest by Creative Bloq -

In this ‘Hashtag Authentic’ podcast, Sara Tasker talks to the Pinterest UK team -

Lauren Hooker from Elle & Co talks about her surprising but successful Pinterest Strategy -

There is a huge amount of free information on the ‘Simple Pin Media’ website -

And of course, there is a huge amount of useful information on Pinterest itself!

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