Monday, February 10, 2020

Making and using recycled paper sketchbooks

Last year I started collecting paper bags and carriers with the view to recycle them into sketchbooks. This is the first attempt. Very rough round the edges! Also will need to think more about the materials I use to draw on the paper as it is quite rough where I have stuck bits together. I'm hoping it will be an interesting project. See the photos below for how I went about making the first one and some of the initial drawings in it.

I've been collecting paper bags and carriers for a year or so.

I choose to use a few with a similar colour palette.

Cutting down to the right size.

Some glueing.

Top view of the finished accordion book.

Showing some of the pages.

First outing of the book in 'Italo' in Bonnington Square.

One of the views from the roof garden at 120 Fenchurch Street

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market

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