Wednesday, October 24, 2012

worshipping the goddess

In the fairytale world of the cookery book, there are Princesses Rachel Khoo and Lorraine Pascale, Queen Delia, Fairy Godmother Mary Berry and the (Domestic) Goddess Nigella Lawson.  With a new book and TV series, Nigella made a lunchtime appearance at Canary Wharf in London today to sign copies of ‘Nigellissima’.

 I arrived early and sketched as the photographers set up their equipment.

Nigella arrives!

A brief glimpse through the throng.

  He ain’t heavy, he’s my minder.


  1. Did you get your book signed after all that drawing? Lovely sketches.

    I like your characters for the illustration too, especially the bored teenager and the shirtless man (why must fat British men do that?)

    1. No, I didn't manage to get a signed book - there was already a huge queue when I arrived. It was fun to people watch though!
      As far as the Great British male, well...