Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Workshop with Veronica Lawlor

One of the best things about the Urban Sketchers Symposium is that you get the chance to be taught by some of best drawers in the world! Veronica Lawlor from New York City is an amazing reportage artist, teacher and author and I was lucky to get a place on her workshop in Porto. This is the link to her website if you’d like to see her work - http://www.veronicalawlor.com

The workshop was entitled ‘Reportage - Memories of a city’ and Veronica started by saying that the translation of the word reportage is ‘to carry back’ and talked about how we can show Porto to our family and friends in our drawings on our return. She talked about how, early on in her career she had travelled to the Vatican, made lots of great drawings but on her return, when talking to her family about what the place was like, had realised that she had not drawn the essence of the place. And she needed to go back and draw some more!

We started by moving around making ‘thumbnails’ on our sketchbooks, to give each of us an idea about what we might be interested in drawing.

Next, we focussed on one particular topic, I was interested on the people working behind the scenes.

Lastly, we spent a longer amount of time doing a larger drawing. I think my smaller studies were more successful than the larger one as I got a little caught up in the actual setting rather than the people themselves. Veronica was a great teacher, giving lots of encouragement and positive comments to all the group. A great workshop!

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