Monday, June 24, 2019

My illustration process - Creating Visuals

I’m often creating visuals for clients but because of ‘Non disclosure agreements’ (NDA) I’m usually not able to share the results. This piece is an exception. I drew it for a ‘Spacehive’ crowdfunding campaign by Park Hill Friends, as they try and raise money for new pathways in their Walled Garden to enable better disabled access. 

B&W rough

The first stage is getting the brief from the client. In this case I visited the Walled Garden and spoke to the Friends group, confirming the requirements later by email. I then drew up a black and white ‘rough’ which was sent to the client for feedback. At this stage it is possible to make changes before moving on to the colour artwork. 

Colour Artwork

In the final piece, I needed to make sure that the emphasis of the illustration was on the proposed new paths and the people that would be able to use them. The client also wanted to show the diversity of people living in the area that used the park. The colour artwork was drawn with a fine liner and watercolour at A2, scanned in sections into Photoshop where final adjustments were made before supplying a high-resolution digital copy to the client. With pieces like this there is always a certain amount of invention balanced with giving a realistic idea of what the proposed plans might look like when complete.

The campaign is currently live and can be seen here. Please get in touch if you think that I may be able to help with a project by supplying watercolour visuals!

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