Monday, June 17, 2019

Topping up my watercolours - step by step

Collecting together the almost empty pans and half pans

Using washing-up liquid to clean the empty boxes
Using tubes of professional watercolours to top up the cleaned pans
Carefully squeeze the paint into the half pan.

I tried to fill two of each colour so as to have identical palettes both for the studio and on location.
I then left them to dry out for five days.
After drying, the colours sank slightly so will remember to top up a bit more next time.
I took the opportunity to redo the Blutac layer in my smaller tin which means that I can keep 24 colours in there.
It's a tip from USk instructor Liz Steel.

Cut the Blutac (or similar) to roughly the correct size.

Spread out to fill the bottom of the tin

Start adding the half pans, pressing down slightly so they stick in the Blutac

I was inspired by Suhita Shirodkar and Teoh Yi Chie to try out this method. It's only the second time I've tried it - the first time I didn't let the paint dry enough and you can imagine the result!

I think it's a cheaper way of buying paint and relatively easy to do.

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