Saturday, October 5, 2019

Workshops with Isabel Carmona in Valencia

Last month I went to a drawing course in Valencia entitled ‘Space Oddities’ run by PYSB, which stands for 'Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries.' There were three different tutors and today I’m talking about the sessions with Isabel Carmona.

The location of the first workshop with Isabel was at ‘Torres de Serranos’ and started with some nice loosening up exercises of quick drawings, including some ‘blind drawing’ exercises. We looked at the skyline and the ‘ground line’, where the people came and details on the buildings.

Rooftops and a line of detail
Rooftops, ground line, details and the line of people
Recording solid shapes
Using different strengths of colour to show distance
In the second workshop she focussed on a ‘fisheye’ technique, where you imagine your view to be inside a 180 degree sphere and draw everything in it. We drew in and around the ‘Centre de Carme Culturo Contemporania.’ I think I tend to draw a bit like this anyway so I was able to grasp the concept although it is tricky to do, especially round the edges!

Each of the instructors provides a set of approaches/ideas which you can use to help your drawing if you choose - a bit like adding more tools to your drawing toolbox.

Isabel is on Instagram @isacarand and you can find out more about PYSB and their upcoming courses @pushingyoursketchingboundaries

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