Friday, October 4, 2019

Workshops with Swasky in Valencia

Second attempt at the square

Last month I went to a drawing course in Valencia entitled ‘Space Oddities’ run by PYSB, which stands for 'Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries.' There were three different tutors and today I’m talking about the sessions with Swasky.

My first attempt

For the first workshop we walked to ‘Plaza de la Virgen’ and Swasky asked us to start by making our own drawing of the space. Then he talked about how he would approach drawing it and we produced another drawing using his ideas. I had difficulty in working out how to draw the corners of the square and took a while to get the hang of it. Then we made a drawing trying to focus on one side of the square. I struggled again with this and it’s something I probably need to try again!

Focusing on one side of the square

For the second session we moved to the ‘Torres de Quart’ and talked about the concept of ‘bending the floor’ and imaging that your drawing has ‘hinges’ showing different angles and perspectives. Of all the techniques from the workshops, I found this concept the most difficult to understand but Swasky was very patient trying to explain. By the end of the session I produced something sort of along the right lines. My sketching boundaries were definitely pushed!

First attempt

Starting to get the hang of the concept
Each of the instructors provides a set of approaches/ideas which you can use to help your drawing if you choose - a bit like adding more tools to your drawing toolbox.

Swasky is on Instagram @swasky and PYSB are @pushingyoursketchingboundaries

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