Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My illustration process - Starting a personal project

I’ve visited the travel sketchbook festival in Clermont-Ferrand a couple of times and thought it would be nice to apply to exhibit there. So I’m going to attempt to create a book about the Spanish trip I took last year. It was my first visit to the country and was such a visual treat. The first few days were spent on a drawing course and then the rest of the time travelling to a few different cities. I drew on the course and took a LOT of photographs but didn’t make many personal sketches. Only five in fact and two of those were on the ‘plane. The applications for the sketchbook festival must be made by 1st May, so I will check in here once a month to show how the project is progressing. Hopefully it will help with accountability and I will finish. The first aim of the project which is to produce 20 drawings by 31st March.

Below are my first rough layout ideas for possible page spreads. 


  1. Your work is awesome. I hope you get the spot!!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Karina. Much appreciated!

  2. I love seeing your process. I do such illegible scribbles.
    I would suggest you get yr entry in ASAP
    I think they like to see a variety of sketchbooks. Lots if you have them.
    I've been going for 4 years..addicted.