Monday, January 21, 2013

Sketching @Tate Modern

Although the building, and the view from it are quite stunning, I thought I’d draw some of the art whilst at the Tate Modern on Saturday.  

‘The Snail’ by Henri Matisse
Often it can be a surprise to see a painting or sculpture in real life after seeing it previously just in reproductions.  This artwork by Matisse was much bigger than I imagined, dwarfing the many viewers.

‘Tree of 12 metres’ by Giuseppe Penone
These rather elegant looking trees have been carved out of solid blocks of wood.

‘Trap’ by Pino Pascali
As I stood in the corner of the room sketching, I suddenly realised that some people were doing a double take and you could see them thinking, ‘Is she part of the artwork?’
A very excited little girl, who was having great fun running around the galleries, said ‘What’s that mama?’  I didn’t hear her mother’s reply but a little while later a small boy exclaimed gleefully, ‘Sausages!’as he ran into the room.

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