Monday, August 1, 2016

USK Manchester 2016 - Workshop with Marina Grechanik

My first workshop at the Manchester Urbansketchers Symposium was with Marina Grechanik and was titled 'What and How:Creating your story'

Firstly we were asked to do three quick sketches (5 - 10 minutes each) based on a list of words. 

In the second exercise, we looked at the format and composition of a sketch.
Then we looked at drawing from the same position but making the sketch static or dynamic.

In this exercise we drew the same scene, once using just line and then using just shapes.
It was very rainy and I quite liked the way the raindrops added some texture to the watercolour!

In the final exercise, we were asked to give a name to our sketch before we started.  I choose 'A rainy day in Manchester' and tell a story in our drawing.  The result is at the top of the blog post.

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