Tuesday, August 2, 2016

USK Manchester 2016 - Workshop with Marion Rivolier

For this workshop, we took shelter under one of the many railway arches in Manchester as the rain was quite heavy.  Marion talked about watercolour, looking at the palettes and brushes that we had brought with us.  She showed us a chart she had made where she had mixed all her colours, at various strength of tones, and recommended we all do the same with our watercolour palette so that we are familiar with all the colours we can achieve. 

The initial exercise involved making small landscape vignettes using warm and cold colours. 

First with pale, medium and dark warm colours.

Then with pale, medium and dark cool colours.

Then pale warm colour against pale cool colour, medium warm colour against medium cool colour.
This gives more depth to a painting.

We did the same again adding some dark colour.

Then we worked on a larger piece, using the same method but adding 'value' colour.

The final piece was the one at the top of the page when we put all the things that we had learnt in the session together.

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